Webcom Announces the Release of WebSource CPQ v10. Webcom, Inc. announces a brand new way to create documents with CPQ v10. Webcom, Inc. will make it even easier to configure, price, quote and propose with the release of CPQ. In addition to its unmatched simplicity for improving both the accuracy and speed of your sales process, CPQ has simplified the process to create customized documents. With the new Document Builder, it only takes minutes to select the elements you would like in your template and place them with a simple interface. No more having to look up specialized tags to create a new template. All of the complications of creating specialized quotes, drafts and templates have been eliminated. What Else is New in Version 10? Collaboration Enhancements: In this release, Webcom's flagship products have been integrated. We introduced collaboration in v9 and now it has been taken to a new level with ResponsAbility integration. Do your sales people have questions they need expert help with? Does your services group need to provide an estimate for your quote? These cases can all be handled effortlessly with this new release. Local Administration: With CPQ v10, you have the ability to create local administrators who can manage their own users, templates and custom tables. If you have offices across the world, this makes it easy for them to maintain their own data. It is also simple for distributors, resellers and affiliates to manage their own information. Product Maintenance Through API: Instead of having to update your simple products with Excel worksheets, you now have the ability to streamline product updates with the APIs you have in place. Permission Groups: Do you handle multiple brands and multiple countries? With v10, it is easy to set different permission groups for user types, companies and markets. Document Template Preview and Selection: Now you can preview any of your templates then select whether the document will be created as a Microsoft Word document or a PDF. These and more great features can be found when CPQ v10 is officially released on October 16th, 2010. Webcom continues to lead the sales automation software industry with customer centric, agile and responsive development. Webcom, Inc. provides software solutions that simplify the complex and helps you attain your business goals. Obtain more business by simplifying the quote-to-order process for the selling of complex products and services. Requiring only a browser, WebSource CPQ allows customers to configure, price, quote and propose their offerings across multiple sales and distribution channels, anytime, anywhere. WebSource CPQ addresses the guided selling, proposal generation and multi-level channel management tasks associated with sales configurators, as well as handling the traditional bill of material, routing and diagram generation tasks frequently associated with product configurators. Retain your customers by simplifying case management with ResponsAbility: you have always had the responsibility, now you have the ability to respond. The solutions help drive increased revenues and margins, increased customer satisfaction, reduced costs and improved productivity. Companies utilizing Webcom's products and services include Rockwell Automation, NEC Europe, Corning Cable Systems, Easynet (a BskyB company), Grayhill and Broan-NuTone. Founded in 1997, Webcom is a privately held corporation headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with offices in the USA and Europe.

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